JACOB LIZOTTE: Release Digital EP on January

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Heavy Metal Solo Act 
release new EP "For The Fallen Ones"

On January 16th Solo Metal Act JACOB LIZOTTE released his latest effort the "For The Fallen Ones" EP as a digital download.

"For The Fallen Ones" features 5 new tracks of Heavy Metal that takes aim at creating catchy, modern metal that combines the sound of the old school greats. Since getting his start in the early 2010's, JACOB LIZOTTE has remained true to the aggression and power of Heavy Metal while compiling more diversity to his ever changing sound. Now with 3 full length albums and this marking his 4th EP release, JACOB LIZOTTE has truly embraced the One Man Band concept over his tenure, from his 8 plus years playing guitar to being self taught on the drums & handling all the production elements for the band,
this young talent continues to improve and
impress with each of his endeavors.


Cover art and track listing can be seen below.

JACOB LIZOTTE "For The Fallen Ones" EP in DIGITAL format is available now at the following link as a name your own price download: thrasher726.bandcamp.com/album/for-the-fallen-ones


01. Fight Or Flight (04:43)
02. For The Fallen Ones (05:13)
03. Metal Mayhem (04:08)
04. Voices Of The Dead (07:14)
05. Save Us From Ourselves (04:14)

Jacob Lizotte (Everything)

Jacob Lizotte has been creating raging heavy metal music since the early 2010's, releasing 3 solo albums, 4 EP's and almost 100 original songs on youtube. He built a following of over 600,000 views on youtube and continues to actively put out music to this day. Heavy metal, thrash, melodic death metal, progressive metal, metalcore... you name it. He's hit almost every genre with the word "metal" or "heavy" attached to it, and constantly changes up his sound while remaining true to the aggression and power of heavy metal. The best part? He did it all himself, playing guitar for 8 years and teaching himself drums, as well as building his own home studio and learning everything on his own. Jacob Lizotte aims to create catchy, modern metal while combining sounds of the oldschool greats on his new EP, "For The Fallen Ones".

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