Death Metal Band -Berserk-

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Death Metal Band
CD-R Demo Dark Empire

Berserk is a death metal band formed in mid-2010 by Jardel Reis (Guitar / Vocals) and Raul Fernandes (Bass / Backing Vocals). The band went through several formations until you reach the current lineup that has Henrique Souza (drums) completing since 2014. The band currently contains only one material in the CD-R format entitled "Dark Empire" released by the Brazilian label Warhammer Distro in 2014. The band looking for contacts abroad to release their first album "Invocation" and should finish recording and mixing until mid-July 2016, interested in launching or units, dealing with the band itself via facebook:

Track: Dark Empire -


01. Eternal Evil
02. Abomination of Hell
03. Vomiting Sulfur
04. Death to Religion
05. Warriors of Evil


Jardel Reis (Guitar/Vocals)
Raul Fernandes (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Henrique Souza (Drums)

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