Doom/Death Metal band TYRANT'S KALL debut Official Video for "Gla'aki"‏

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Doom / Death Metal band
debut Official Video for "Gla'aki"

On October 1st Doom / Death Metal band TYRANT'S KALL made available a new video clip for the title track from their recently released second full length album "Gla'aki".
The Official Video clip can be seen here:

"Gla'aki" was released on August 31st through the WITCHES BREW label, long awaited by all followers of Lovecraftian Horror, "Gla'aki" will enslave you and turn you into mindless zombies suffering in eternal torment that can only be endured by playing this record over and over. Recorded in winter 2014 at Hearse Studio (Belgium) & mastered by Y. Santens for Allegiance Recordings. Cover art (Paolo Girardi) and track listing can be found below.


Stimulated by the intriguing literary works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft plus mixing Doom Metal, Old School Swedish Death Metal mingled with some slight Thrash Metal elements & 70's Rock influences scattered about, while combined with a unique vocal approach, TYRANT'S KALL cannot be categorized in any traditional metallic subdivision.

TYRANT'S KALL "Gla'aki" CD as well as the LP reissue of their debut full length album "Dagon" are available now on the WITCHES BREW Webshop.


01. The Kraken (05:36)
02. Medusa (05:17)
03. Gla'aki (03:51)
04. Evil Eye (05:42)
05. Michel Mauvais (02:01)
06. Miskatonic Witch (03:48)
07. Fearsome Dreams In The Deep (01:30)
08. The One That Slumbers (04:43)
09. Elixir Of Immortality (06:54)

T Y R A N T ' S   K A L L
Vocals: Esmee Tabasco 
Lead Guitar: Ronny Razor 
Guitar: H.M. Doom 
Bass: UxJx 
Drums: M.

In the history of fantastic literature, there was only seldom an author as great and inspiring as Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890 - 1937). His stories are of a mysterious kind and, though they cover a wide range of subjects, they all are engulfed by one overall epic and intriguing atmosphere.

Also today the Lovecraft-mythos still fascinates people. In Flanders it even summoned a real life cult, for in honor of H.P. Lovecraft, the band TYRANT'S KALL was formed. The musicians of this collective try to grasp a little of the aforementioned wretched and occult atmosphere, and subsequently channel it through their heavy and enthralling music.

The music of TYRANT'S KALL cannot be categorized in any traditional metallic subdivision. There are obvious influences of Doom and old school Swedish Death Metal in the vein of DISMEMBER and old ENTOMBED, but one can also hear some Thrash Metal in there and even 70's Rock is not shunned. It is precisely this mixture of styles and influences that renders TYRANT'S KALL its uniqueness.

In 2010 a demo-tape was released with recordings from rehearsals. By the sound you could hear very well that this was not recorded at a studio, but the Cult-effect is very present! With their first, self released album entitled "Dagon" from 2013, TYRANT'S KALL was determined to lure even more souls into the ever slithering tentacles of the Old Ones. And now in 2015, crawling from a primordial slime pit somewhere in Flanders comes this 2nd album of TYRANT'S KALL "Gla'aki", a reprieve for the mindless zombies suffering in eternal torment.

Indeed - the Great Cthulhu may still be sleeping in his house in R'lyeh, but when he wakes up, TYRANT'S KALL will be present to provide a suiting soundtrack for total cosmic carnage. Ia indeed, you motherfuckers.
W I T C H E S   B R E W
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