Heavy Metal band FEAR THEORIES release single & details from upcoming album‏

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Heavy Metal band
 release single & details from upcoming album
A new chapter begins for Norwegian Heavy Metal band 
FEAR THEORIES with the release of the single 
'My Own Worst Enemy' from their upcoming 
debut full length album "The Predator".
'My Own Worst Enemy'- Single (Promo Video)
The 'My Own Worst Enemy' Single is available now to purchase:www.cdbaby.com/cd/feartheories
"The Predator" is set to be released on March 11th on CD through the Norwegian Metal Label CRIME RECORDS. "The Predator" was recorded and mixed in Studio Borealis by Frode Glesnes (Einherjer) & mastered in Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez.
Four young & passionate musicians formed FEAR THEORIES in fall 2010 with the hopes of creating Heavy Metal with an updated perspective. FEAR THEORIES plays hard and loud with a modern approach & high-end production, incorporating a traditional sound, catchy riffs, rough vocals & fast guitar solos to showcase their brand of Classic Heavy Metal.
Cover art and track listing for the full length can be found below.
Pre-orders for "The Predator" are now online at the
Crime Records Webshop.

An album preview for the new release is also online at the following link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVFEuzd7hrQ
Recently FEAR THEORIES have made headlining performances & have appeared in supporting roles to more established acts across the largest cities in Western and Eastern Norway.
Catch them at the Norway Rock Festival this July!
01. My Own Worst Enemy (05:07)
02. Atonement (04:49)
03. Cancelled (06:10)
04. Heroes of Today (04:29)
05. The End of Time (04:31)
06. The Predator (05:12)
07. Metal Lives Forever (04:34)
08. Addicted (04:52)
09. Fear Theories (05:18)
Ole Sønstabø (Lead Guitar)
Andreas Tjøsvoll (Vocals)
Brage Nygaard (Drums)
Joakim Antonsen (Bass)
Fall of 2010 on rainy Karmøy a new chapter in Norwegian heavy metal started. 4 young passionate musicians united and formed Fear Theories. With a modern view on classic heavy metal it didn't take long for people to notice. May 2013 Fear Theories released their debut EP "So it Begins" and played Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2013 with acts such as Sabaton, Eluveitie, Overkill and Paradise Lost. Within minutes a bunch of youths had ignited the atmosphere and shot it straight through the roof. Magazines such as Scream Magazine and Heavymetal.no immediately took notice and was full of praise in the aftermath of the performance. Following year Fear Theories started working on what would turn out to be their debut album "The Predator" and continued to play live on a regular basis. Including a small Norwegian tour along with Art of Deception and Cretura. In 2015 Fear Theories ventured into unknown land on a two week long tour through Eastern Europe (Slovakia and Czech Republic) before heading into Studio Borealis with Frode Glesnes (Einherjer) recording and mixing the album. The album was mastered in Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez. Furthermore Fear Theories will start 2016 of by playing Beinkaldt under the auspices of Brynerocken, before heading to Norway Rock Festival in July 2016.
Website: crimerecords.no
for interview requests contact

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