U.S. Black Metal band ISENBLAST release Advanced Promo for upcoming mini album‏

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U.S. Black Metal band
Release Advanced Promo for Upcoming Mini Album
On October 9th Michigan Black Metal band ISENBLAST released a 2 track Advanced Promo for their upcoming
Mini Album "Altars of Blood" . 
These 2 tracks serve as a taste of what is to come from the set recording sessions to take place this coming Winter. In addition to re-recordings of these 2 tracks, 3 completely unheard songs as well as a re-recording of  "Blackened Flames" taken from the 2013 "Forest of Frost" Demo will round out the tracks to be included on the Mini Album expected to be released sometime in 2016.
Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, ISENBLAST originated in 2009 with the intention of creating music under the influence of the great Scandinavian bands of the early to mid 90's.
The evolution of the band has been apparent with every release, from their 2010 "S/T" Demo to the 2014 "Unleashing the Demon Scourge" EP , ISENBLAST have incorporated more influences from early Death Metal and first wave Black Metal to morph their sound to the more chaotic Black Metal they exhibit today.
Cover art (Sean/Dark Winter) and track listing
can be found below.
The "Altars of Blood" ADVANCED PROMO is available now as a free download from the band's bandcamp page.
A limited CD run of 100 copies will also be available soon, contact the band directly for ordering information:isenblast@gmail.com
A Promotional Video for the track 'Altars of Blood' can be seen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5lSIC7jCu4

01. Altars of Blood (05:00)
02. I; Lucifer (04:36)

Guitar and Vocals: Chronolith 
Guitar: Lord Kaiser 
Bass: Walshpurgisnacht 
Drums: Abominater

Michigan Black Metallers ISENBLAST come forward with their offering to this year of the GOAT: ALTARS OF BLOOD demo. This is just a taste of what is to come from the set recording sessions to take place this coming Winter where these two songs will be re-recorded along with 3 completely unheard songs and a re-recording of "Blackened Flames" from the 2013 "Forest of Frost" demo. There will be a self released CD of this material limited to 100 copies and will also be available as a free download from the official bandcamp (www.isenblast666.bandcamp.com) with the hopes to spread like wildfire. As far as the album that is to be recorded... any interested labels or distributors can feel free to contact us atIsenblast@gmail.com
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