Finnish Death Metal band SHRAPNEL STORM Release Road Trip Video‏

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Finnish Death Metal band
Release Road Trip Video
Finnish Old School Death Metal bulldozer SHRAPNEL STORM have completed a Road Trip Video featuring the track
"The Carpet Bombing" taken from their debut
full length album "Mother War".

The video can be seen at the following location:
Footage for the video was filmed at Turun Kuolema
(Old School Finnish Death Metal Festival) by SHRAPNEL STORM on October 31st and November 1st.
The video was produced & edited by bassist Petri Saarenmaa.

The band commented about the new video:
"This roadtrip video is dedicated to everyone who saw Shrapnel Storm during 2015. Oulu, Lempäälä, Turku, Lahti, Helsinki, Tampere and Pori, you all were amazing. Thanks for supporting the underground."
"Mother War" was released in May of 2015 on the German LabelWITCHES BREW.
"Mother War" plows its way through 10 tracks of 90's mid-tempo Death Metal; displaying brutality, respect for traditions and groove, three key elements that can be found in every SHRAPNEL STORM song.
Produced by Aadolf Virtanen (Diablo).
Includes special guest Zachary Hietala (Tarot) among others.
Vocals: Ville "Ykä" Yrjölä 
Guitar & Vocals: Aki Laaksola 
Guitar: Tohtori Mäkitalo 
Bass: Petri Saarenma 
Drums: Mikko Orava
Shrapnel Storm, "The Old School Death Metal Bulldozer", was founded in 2007 in Tampere, Finland. By this day, the quintet have recorded four demos, toured diligently and created own recognizeable sound. After some lineup changes in 2011, this eight year old youngster is standing bravely on its own feet. Now stronger than ever. The biggest musical influences for Shrapnel Storm are 90's mid-tempo death metal acts, like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, etc. Brutality, Respect for traditions and Groove are three key elements which can be found in every Shrapnel Storm song. The lyrics are commonly dealing with war and fighting.
W I T C H E S   B R E W
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