Black / Thrash Metal band WAR ATROCITIES to release MCD on WITCHES BREW‏

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Black / Thrash Metal band
to release MCD on
Croatian solo Black / Thrash Metal project WAR ATROCITIES will release "Necromantical Legions" MCD through
the label WITCHES BREW on December 24th.

On this release WAR ATROCITIES exhibits their brand of Black / Thrash Metal with Speed / Crust influences and themes of evil, death & war incorporated lyrically across 7 tracks straight from the pits of Hell, one track for each of its gates! Included on the recording is a cover of the classic Bathory track Armageddon.
Although solo member Wastelander (guitars & vocals) established WAR ATROCITIES in 2011, other various musicians have been utilized over the course of the band's history. Since 2014 session member Nesveti Alkar (roughly translated into Unholy Horseman) has contributed the
bass recordings for the band.

"Necromantical Legions" was recorded DIY in 2014 to early 2015 by Wastelander and Nesveti Alkar.
Cover art (Wastelander) and track listing can be found below.
WAR ATROCITIES "Necromantical Legions" MCD is available now at a special reduced pre-order price on the
"Necromantical Legions" was originally released this past September in digital format only and is available now on the
WAR ATROCITIES bandcamp page.

A Promotional Video for the track 'Ripper Lust' can be seen here:

In 2016 WAR ATROCITIES will also release a new 7" titled
"Struck By Warwhip" again on the WITCHES BREW label.
01. Screams From The Pits (02:19)
02. Destruktor Of Eternal (04:25)
03. Mayhem Mongers (03:13)
04. Cryptic Calls (04:33)
05. Storm Of The Tyrants (04:00)
06. Ripper Lust (03:36)
07. Armageddon (02:41)
Wastelander: Six string harp of doom & invocator of devil's curses 
Nesveti Alkar: Skull scraping four string axe
War Atrocities is a solo project existing since 2011, handled by Wastelander (guitars & vocals) and hailing from Croatia. Style can be described as black/thrash metal with speed/crust influences, accompanied by evil/death/war related lyrical themes. Session member Nesveti Alkar(roughly translated into Unholy Horseman) plays and records bass guitar since 2014, but various other musicians jump in from time to time. Demo "Intoxicated Madness" released on tape in 2014. EP "Necromantical Legions" 2015. Split "Struck by Warwhip" (w/ Whipstriker) 2016. 
W I T C H E S   B R E W
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